Taking AIME with homemade strawberry ice cream

Simply the best Sunny Ridge strawberries for our homemade ice cream

We already make our own yoghurt in-house so we’ve been excited about making our own ice cream and sorbet from scratch. Like our yoghurt, this homemade dessert is free from pre-mixes, additives or artificial flavours, and is created using fresh and natural ingredients from our Victorian fruit, egg and dairy suppliers.

Our Executive Pastry Chef Michael Belcher gives us a step-by-step guide to making the delicious strawberry ice cream, served for the first time to our lucky AIME guests, using the sweet and flavoursome Sunny Ridge strawberries.

First, we prepare the strawberries by chopping off the green stems.

We then make a traditional crème anglaise (right) by whisking together organic milk, cream and sugar, allowing this to simmer. At the same time we prepare the strawberry coulis which will be folded into the ice cream later.

Once the anglaise has thickened a little we pour over the Green Eggs' (we'll introduce you to these suppliers soon!) yolks and whisk to create a smooth texture that will give a delicious mouthfeel.

Kitchen staff Jessica Cheetham and Dhaval Rambhia pour the mixture through a strainer to get rid of any lumps and bumps. We then place the ice cream base in the fridge for 24 hours to allow the flavours to really develop and mature.

After 24 hours we pour the mixture into the ice cream machine. Our chefs only produce 5 litre quantities to ensure there is a quick turnover of fresh ice cream.

The ice cream now has a smooth, creamy consistency and we can fold through the lovely strawberry coulis.

We serve the ice cream with some dehydrated strawberries, which have been dried out in an oven on low heat. They are a little flavour explosion and really set off the dessert. These desserts were served, for the first time, to guests at the AIME lunch.

Delicious homemade ice cream with Sunny Ridge strawberries anyone? Both were a huge hit at MCEC's AIME stand.

Watch this space because MCEC will be have some exciting developments on the ice cream and sorbet front. Soon you’ll be tasting summery citrus flavours including mandarin, created with dehydrated mandarin slices; refreshing and zesty lime; and a wildberry flavour made with an assortment of Silvan Estate mixed berries.

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